Services and Rates



Daycare is a great way to socialize your dog with other dogs, get some much needed exercise and it's just an all around good time!  We like to be very honest though that as much fun as it can be, it is *not* appropriate for every dog; being excited about being in a large pack of rambunctious dogs is not in every dog's nature, so please be open to the possibility that your dog may not be a good fit (this does *not* mean that we think your dog is a "bad dog", there are many stars that must align for a dog to be a great daycare candidate).  Dogs with tendencies towards anxiety, resource guarding, dominance, or aggression are often not going to be able to safely engage in a large pack.  If you have read this & think your dog could be a good fit, you can register your pup into our scheduling portal at

 Once you have completed their registration and are ready to start your pup, please message me either through the portal or text message, to find a good start date.  We will try to select a slow day so that we can really focus on keeping your dog comfortable during their transition.  After they have become established, they are welcome to attend any day that you choose (with prior appointment & subject to availability) - currently, we don't require a set schedule of days.  We ask that you always be sure to request your dog's daycare days ahead of time rather than simply showing up, as we do reach capacity most days.  Please be aware that at any time, if your dog becomes aggressive (towards staff or other dogs) that we will have to politely notify you that they can no longer be in the program.

We have two play rooms (one for small or docile dogs and one for large or rambunctious ones) with accompanying outside potty areas (they even have turf to keep them clean and out of the mud)!  For days when the weather is nice, we offer a large third outside yard with natural terrain for our pack to really get to stretch those furry legs!

We have rest areas available for any daycare dog who needs a break from the pack.  A breather away from the other dogs can make a big difference in a dog who is becoming overstimulated or starting to exhibit unwanted behaviors.  Our staff is trained to recognize the warning signs of a dog who is getting overwhelmed.  Just like with people, every day is different, and there may be days/weeks/months where your dog never needs a break, and other times where they need 2 or 3 rests, it is very individual, but please trust our staff to do their jobs in keeping the pack a balanced, happy place for all dogs. 

Our starting daycare rate is $33/day - there are discounts for multiple days in a week. Current prices are always displayed through the reservation portal.  We accept cash, check, or venmo/paypal transfers.

Make sure to check out our Dog Bus page for information on how our drop off/pick ups work! ((All dogs are dropped off and picked up at the doggy bus stop, *not* at our facility, unless special arrangements were made))

Overnight Boarding  

Our facility boasts five luxury overnight suites (ideal for extra large breeds or multi dog households) with heated floors, personal televisions, and raised toddler beds with comforters and pillows (please note that if your dog is destructive, we may need to remove some of these items from their rooms).   We also offer deluxe marble & glass condominiums that are a smaller profile space with the same cozy atmosphere for a better budget friendly option.  Our overnight rate for our condo accommodations is $45/night for short stays between 1-3 nights & $40/night for longer stays 4+ nights - luxury suites are an upcharge (please see our reservation portal for a more customized quote for your situation).  For either room type, any additional dogs from the same household that can stay together will receive a 50% discount off of the first dog's rate.  While your dog is boarding, they can participate in daycare play for 50% off our normal daycare rate (assuming that they meet our daycare requirements) on Mon-Fri/non-holidays.  If you are utilizing our afternoon hours for your pup's pick-up, please be aware that you will be charged a $15 day fee for the care of your pup on their last day of boarding (this is waived on Sundays when there is no morning pick-up available or if your dog was signed up for daily daycare play)).

If you crate train your dog and would prefer to bring their own crate, or use one of ours - please mention this upon scheduling.

If you are new to Dog Days, please go to our reservation portal at  and create an account.  From there you can request reservations for daycare and boarding.

In terms of what to pack for your pooch - we will need copies of your dog’s current shot records & their food. Any other items are optional, we ask that only machine-washable items are sent.

Our facility is equipped with an indoor dog wash station in case you’d like for us to give your pup a warm bath before pick-up so that they return home even fluffier and cleaner than when they came. Take home bath costs are dependent on the size of your dog and the type of coat they have and must be requested prior to pick-up.

Other grooming and service add-ons are also available -- the full list is available to you on our portal as you are making your reservations.

Make sure to check out our Dog Bus page for information on how our drop off/pick ups work! We live in a private area with neighbors to consider, so to minimize traffic and streamline our services, we utilize our doggy shuttles which meet in Greenwood. Drop offs and pick ups at the facility are only possible with special arrangements in rare circumstances.




1 day of daycare - $33

2 days of daycare - $66

3 days of daycare - $89

4 days of daycare - $112

5 days of daycare - $132

(These days must be within the same week to apply the discount).

Since we are at capacity most days, there is not a multiple dog discount available for daycare; if you are bringing two dogs, your second dog's rate will be the same as your first.

--Daycare for Boarding Dogs is an add on service priced at 50% of regular daycare fees, regardless of number of dogs, length of stay, etc and is only offered Mon-Fri on non holidays


Deluxe Condominium Lodging - $45/night for 3 nights or less, $40/night for 4 nights or longer

Luxury Suite Lodging - please see the portal for customized quotes

*additional dogs sharing the same space will receive a 50% discount off of the first dog's rate.


Add Ons

Spruce up your dog's stay with some of these optional services:

Grooming:  ((prices are available through the portal once your pet's profile is created and their weight/coat types have been entered))


     Blueberry Facial

     DeShedding Treatment

     Ear Cleaning

     Nail Trim

    Sparkle & Shine Package - A bath, nail trim & ear cleaning

    Paw Treatment


   Oral Medication - We are happy to accommodate dogs who need supplements or have medical conditions - please be sure to leave detailed instructions for when/how to administer your pup's medication. If your dog prefers to take their medicine in a pill pocket, cheese, hot dog, etc - please either pack your own or choose the add on to use our in-house options.

    Pill Pockets - If your pup needs a little coaxing to take their medication, we offer pill pockets, singles of cheese, hot dog, or deli meat as a way to make taking their medicine a positive experience (or feel free to forgo this add-on and pack your own from home at no additional cost)

    Insulin - We have been accommodating diabetic dogs for many years and are experienced in safely administering and storing your dog's insulin and syringes. 

Special Comforts:

   Extra Night Snuggles/Bed Time Tuck-In - ALL of our dogs are loved on all throughout the day (regardless if you purchase this package or not), but if you feel like your furry baby needs a little extra affection while being away from home, this super cozy add-on is for you! After their last night time potty break, they will get a calming belly rub and soothing snuggles to ensure sweet puppy dreams!

   Heated Blanket - Does your pup get chilled easily? Love to burrow in warm blankets? Keep them nice and toasty with our option to tuck them in with a heated fleece blanket to ensure they are snug as a bug!!

Party Time:

   Birthday (or Gotcha Day) Party Package - It's party time!! Let the festivities begin with a splash pad or bubble-party (with their friends if they are a daycare dog), a special individual photo shoot, and your pup will come home with a goodie bag of birthday treats from local dog-bakery, Poochey Chef, so the party can continue even after pick-up!

Extra Stimulation:

   Boarding Daycare - Have a social butterfly pup who loves to play with other dogs?  Your best 4-legged pal can join in on the daycare fun with this pack play add-on! 
To simply spice things up for an older or more relaxed dog, you can just sprinkle a day or two of fun in over the course of their stay, or for the ultimate party-level doggo, you can add as many daycare days as week days of their board so the fun never ends!! ((Please note that this service is only offered Mon-Fri on non-holidays and is subject to availability and behavior assessments)) 

   Field Trip - Got a very energetic pooch? Though we keep all of our boarding dogs as active as possible with our day to day schedule, a trip out to our spacious, securely fenced in field for some extra one-on-one play time with a staff member for fetch, frisbee, or chase is the perfect way to dissipate the rest of that pent-up energy!

   Busy Kong - Worried your furry friend may get anxious or bored in the evening? Your pup can spend their free time enjoying a refreshing frozen filled Kong. Choose your filling from peanut butter, pumpkin puree, or greek yogurt (the latter two doubling as a dietary aid as well!) 

   Licki Mat - Does your dog have anxiety? Do they like to lick? Both? Licki mats are great distractions that help to ease anxiety and settle nervous pups down. Choose your filling from peanut butter, pumpkin puree, or greek yogurt (the latter two doubling as a dietary aid as well!) 

   Brain Games - If your dog is too smart for their own good, help them direct their energy to a healthy outlet with one of our stimulating "brain games"! Motivated to find small training treats, your dog will spend their evenings navigating puzzles, flip boards, and balls until they are both mentally AND physically balanced. 

A la Carte:

   House Kibble - If you would rather not pack your dog's normal food from home (we always recommend that you do send their normal food though), you can select a kibble from our pantry.

   Breakfast in Bed - Your dog will feel like a celebrity with this homemade scrambled egg breakfast served with a side of bacon delivered right to their bedside! It's the paw-fect way to wake up!! 

   Hot Lunch - Your pup will go crazy for this special delicacy - choose the protein from chicken, turkey, or beef (or leave it to us to pick for you!) served hot! (Can also be given at dinner for boarding dogs instead of lunch) 

   Ice Cream Social - Do you like ice-cream? Your dog does too!! Indulge your best friend by treating them to one of our pup-safe ice-cream bowls. It's the perfect way to end a summer day (or any day for that matter!)


   One a Day - Though we try to take and post as many pictures of the pups in our care as possible each day, purchasing this package ensures that you will receive one picture of your precious fur baby for each day of boarding to help ease *your* separation anxiety - pictures will be posted to our Facebook page by default, but can also be requested to be sent directly to a cell phone instead

   Holiday Photo Shoots - during holidays, we do professional, themed photo sessions